Cover Shots

When I first started kiteboarding, social media was still new, and professional riders gained recognition through magazines, YouTube videos, and DVDs, rather than Instagram or Facebook pages. As a kid, I used to ride my bike to a nearby surf shop just to read magazines since I couldn't afford to buy them. I would spend hours admiring the breathtaking action photos, but the cover always stood out the most to me. The best cover or most extreme trick or action shot was crucial in helping me decide which magazine to read, considering the surf shop had numerous options.

As my kiteboarding career progressed, I began contemplating the idea of submitting my own pictures to magazines and creating a captivating story. I always had the aspiration of being featured on a magazine cover, I always had this in mind while capturing photos. After contributing to several articles in The KiteMag over the years, I received a call from Naish, asking if I was available for a photoshoot in Tarifa the following week. Curious, I inquired about the reason behind the request and was informed that The KiteMag had contacted them, expressing their interest in featuring me on their upcoming cover and inquiring about my availability. I felt thrilled and honored to be given such an opportunity. Without hesitation, I booked a two-day trip to Tarifa, knowing that the pressure was on to capture the perfect shot!

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